Verifying the files required for setup

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block Cloud Setup and Configuration Guide

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  1. The files required for VSP One SDS Block setup are as follows. Check the files you downloaded to confirm that all necessary files exist.
    • CLI package file (.whl)

      Package file for installing CLI in the controller node.

      The file name is hsds_cli-<version>.<number>-py3-none-any.whl.

      Example: hsds_cli-

    • EULA documentations on SUSE Linux Enterprise and Cavium SPDK FC Target Driver used by the storage node

      The file names are EULA_for_SLE_for_StorageNode.txt and EULA_for_SPDK.txt.

    • The version of VSP One SDS Block is indicated in the following format:

      The <version> value in the name of the CLI package file (.whl) is indicated with the second zero (0) of aa, bb, cc, and dd (respectively) removed.

    • Prepare the CLI package file (.whl) of the same version as that of the storage cluster of VSP One SDS Block to be set up. Here, <number> is a four-digit user-specified numeric value.

  2. If you are communicating with VSP One SDS Block in SSL/TLS, have a server certificate to import into the storage node.

    For more information, see Installing OpenSSL to Verifying and canceling passphrases for private keys in the VSP One SDS Block System Administrator Operation Guide.

    To communicate securely with VSP One SDS Block, we strongly recommend that you configure SSL/TLS communication and import server certificates.