Issue authentication ticket

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block Cloud Setup and Configuration Guide

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Issue an authentication ticket (for collecting dump log files in the event of a failure) on the controller node.

  1. Log in to the EC2 instance for a controller node.
  2. Issue the authentication ticket with the user created in "ServiceAdministrators".

    Run either of the following commands with the expiration time specified.

    REST API: POST /v1/objects/tickets

    CLI: ticket_create

    After running the command, you will receive a response indicating the authentication ticket and expiration time.

  3. Create an authentication ticket file from the issued authentication ticket.

    In the response after executing the command in step 2, the validity period and authentication ticket are displayed as follows: <authentication-ticket> the string of the part of the file to a file.

    • Example of output in the REST API:

          "ticket": "<authentication-ticket>",
          "expirationTime": "<expiration-time>"
    • Example of output in the CLI when the format option is not specified:

      Ticket: <authentication-ticket>
      ExpirationTime: <expiration-time>

    Note that the <authentication-ticket> does not include line breaks.