Installing VSP One SDS Block 's CLI program (Cloud(M))

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block Cloud Setup and Configuration Guide

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Install the CLI program so that you can run the VSP One SDS Block CLI. The CLI package to be used for installing the CLI program can be downloaded from the Hitachi website.

To copy the CLI program to the controller node, you can, for example, copy the file from Amazon S3 by using the AWS CLI. For example operations, see Example Amazon S3 operations.

  • When you create a new storage cluster or update (upgrade or downgrade) the storage software, make sure that the CLI program version installed in the controller node matches the storage software version.

    When you want to upgrade the CLI program, you can update and install it as you would a new installation.

    When you are downgrading the CLI program, perform a new installation after following the uninstall procedure below.

    # python3 -m pip uninstall hsds_cli
  • If you run the CLI when the CLI program version is older than the storage software version, a warning message that prompts you to upgrade the CLI program version to the same as or later than the storage software version will be output to the standard error output.

  • Python3 must be installed. (Python2 is not supported.)

  • The CLI package must be downloaded.

  • When a virtual environment is used, venv must be installed.
  • The controller node should be able to access the python repository.

    If the controller node cannot access the python repository, download all required dependent packages required by the CLI at another terminal that can access the python repository, transfer them to the controller node, and then install them in the controller node.

    When a virtual environment is used, install the dependent packages in the virtual environment.

    For the versions of the dependent packages of the CLI program, see Dependent packages that the CLI program requires and version requirements.

  1. Log in to the EC2 instance for a controller node.
  2. Switch to the root user.

    When a virtual environment is used, following steps within the virtual environment.

  3. Upgrade installed pip.
    # python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
  4. Install the CLI package.
    # python3 -m pip install <folder-to-which-the-CLI-package-is-to-be-downloaded>/hsds_cli-<version>.<number>-py3-none-any.whl

    Make sure that you install a CLI package as a root user. If you install a CLI package as a user other than a root user, uninstall the package by running the following command as the user who installed the package.

    # python3 -m pip uninstall hsds_cli

    If the controller node can access the python repository, the latest versions of dependent packages of the CLI program are automatically installed upon execution of the command.