Configuring a controller node

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block Cloud Setup and Configuration Guide

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This section describes how to configure a controller node for performing storage cluster maintenance.

One controller node is required per storage cluster. Therefore, when configuring multiple storage clusters, configure one controller node for each storage cluster.

  • You must configure a controller node in the same VPC as for a storage cluster. If the VPC where a controller node is configured differs from the VPC where a storage cluster is configured, connection might not be successful.

  • A controller node will be used for configuration or maintenance of a storage cluster. Using a controller node by hardening reduces security risks. Also, create an AMI beforehand to create and launch an instance as necessary. Delete the instance after use.


You can use a console running on the controller node that you have configured (for example, command prompt for Windows, or terminal for Linux depending on the OS type). This console will be used in the procedures in Setting the AWS credentials and onwards.

Make settings (for Session Manager, for example) so that you can access the console in the procedures described later. For the Session Manager, see the following website.