Additional information for controller node deployment (OS image and setting)

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block Cloud Setup and Configuration Guide

Part Number



Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image)

If the OS cannot be selected from Quick Start, you need to select the AMI from Community AMIs. The AMI name contains a date. For security reasons, select the newest one possible.

Select an AMI whose AMI name is:

suse-sles-15-sp5-vYYYYMMDD-hvm-ssd-x86_64 (where YYYYMMDD indicates the date).

For example, the newest AMI name and AMI ID for the Tokyo region as of December 2023 are as follows:

AMI name: suse-sles-15-sp5-v20231020-hvm-ssd-x86_64

AMI ID: ami-04a5f844fc7672354

Instance type

Specify an instance that meets Controller node requirements.

Network settings

The following settings are mandatory. Other items can be changed from their default values as needed.

  • Network (VPC)

  • Subnet

  • Security groups

    For details about security groups, see Example security group settings for controller nodes.

  • Advanced network configuration - If you do not specify Advanced network configuration - Primary IP, a random address will be assigned out of the subnet.

Storage settings

Default values for the IOPS and throughput (MB/sec) might not be set. In that case, set the IOPS to 3000 and throughput to 125.