Downloading an audit log to the controller node

Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block Audit Log Guide

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Create an audit log file and download it to the controller node as follows.

  • Required role: Audit or Security

  1. Create an audit log file.

    You can perform this for the cluster master node (primary) only.

    REST API: POST /v1/objects/audit-logs/actions/create-file/invoke

    CLI: audit_log_create_file

    Verify the job ID which is displayed after the command is run.

  2. Verify the state of the job.

    Run either of the following commands with the job ID specified.

    REST API: GET /v1/objects/jobs/<jobID>

    CLI: job_show

    If the job state is "Succeeded", the job is completed.

  3. Download an audit log file.

    An audit log file is downloaded as a zip file to the current folder in which a REST API or CLI command has been run.

    REST API: GET /v1/objects/audit-logs/download

    CLI: audit_log_download

    The name of an audit log file when running a CLI command is "".