Electrical precautions

Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

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Follow these guidelines to ensure your safety and the safe handling of equipment:
  • Provide a suitable power source with electrical overload protection to meet the power requirements of the entire system (the server/cluster and all storage systems and switches).
  • Provide a power cord suitable for the country of installation (if a power cord is not supplied).
  • Power cords supplied with this server or system may be less than 1.5m in length. These cords are for use with a power distribution unit (PDU), which is mounted inside the 19-inch rack. If you require longer cables, contact your Hitachi representative.
  • Provide a safe electrical ground connection to the power cord. Check the grounding of an enclosure before applying power.
  • Only operate the equipment from nominal mains input voltages in the range 100 - 240Vac, 6A max, 50/60Hz.
    Turn off all power supplies or remove all power cords before undertaking servicing of the system.
  • Unplug a system component if it must be moved or if it is damaged.

    Note: For additional data protection, use an external UPS to power the server. Also, each of the redundant power supplies in the server and in the storage systems must be operated from a different main power circuit to provide a degree of protection from main power supply failures. If one circuit fails, the other continues to power the server and the storage system.