Replacing a fan

Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

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Replace a fan assembly, which is one of the server's hot-swappable components, as follows:
  1. Remove the front bezel. The fan assemblies are now visible.
  2. Identify the fan to be replaced.

    Fans are labeled on the chassis, and are numbered 1 and 2, with fan 1 on the left and fan 2 on the right. Refer to the fan status LEDs on front panel of the server (behind the bezel) to see which fan has failed. In the following figure, number 1 indicates the status LED for fan 1 (the left-side fan), and number 2 indicates the status LED for fan 2 (the right-side fan).

    Figure. Fan status LEDs Fan status LEDs
    Table. Fan status LED descriptions
    Item Description
    1 Fan 1 status LED
    2 Fan 2 status LED
  3. Remove the faulty fan by loosening the thumbscrews (turning them counter-clockwise) until they are loose, then pulling the fan unit straight out of the chassis. (The fan lead connector disengages automatically as you remove the fan assembly.)
  4. Put the new fan assembly into place.
  5. Gently press the fan assembly back into the chassis. The fan electrical connector is aligned automatically when the fan is fully inserted into the chassis.
  6. Secure the fan assembly in position by tightening the thumbscrews (turning them clockwise).
  7. Replace the front bezel.