Parts list for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One File servers

Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

Part Number
Table. Parts for VSP One File servers
Part number Description Notes
SX325157 Server Does not include PSUs, bezel, or rail kit
SX325152 PSU 80 Plus Platinum rated
SX325155 SSD 2 per server
SX325158 Fan tray 2 per server
SX325142 Clip-in rail kit  
SX325159 Bezel  
Note: The PSU, SSD and the Clip-in rail kit are existing HNAS 5000 parts supported on VSP One File servers.
Table. Switch Parts. Although this particular table is geared towards the ICC switch connectivity, when using either the eight host ports or the four ICC ports at 25G, please be aware that ports can be configured to disable Forward Error Correction (FEC). Please see the CLI man page, ethernet-link-config for more details.
Part number Description Notes



  • Cisco Nexus 3524-X or XL switch
  • 10 GbE Switch 24 ports enabled, but upgradeable to 48 ports

  • Port-side exhaust is default
This switch is not a recommended part but can be used if already in existing environment and there is a wish to keep the ICC links operating at 10G.
  • Nexus 9300-FX w/24p 1/10/25G & 6p 40/100G
FEC settings on both server and switch may need to be disabled.

N9K-C93180YC-FX3 (FX3H)

  • Nexus 9300 48p 1/10/25G, 6p 40/100G, MACsec UP. SyncE
FEC settings on server and switch are enabled at 25Gbps.
HITUCP7050SX3-48YC8-F (or R)
  • Arista7050X3, 48x25GSFP, 8x100GQSFP switch, f-r, 2AC, 2C13-C14 cords
FECsettings on server and switch are enabled at 25Gbps.





  • N/A
FECsettings on both server and switch need to be disabled for host links to operate.

These switches are not officially supported (or orderable via Hitachi configrurator) for ICC connections but are listed here for reference as a host connection.

Table. Optics used with VSP One File servers
Part number Description Notes

(Intel SFP28 10/25 GbE Optic kit)

  • 3.3v
  • 850 nm. multi-mode
Supported in:
  • 8 x 10/25 GbE network ports
  • 4 x 10/25 GbE cluster ports

Not supported in 4 x Fibre Channel ports

  • 32GFC SFP+
  • 850nm. multi-mode
  • 3.3v
  • 8.5-28.05 Gb/s

Supported in:

4 x Fibre Channel ports

Not supported in:
  • 8 x 10/25GbE Network ports or 4 x 10/25GbE Cluster ports