System components

Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

Part Number
Component Description
VSP One File 34 or File 38 server

This file server is the main component of the system. Several servers can operate as a cluster.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One - File Administrator

The File Administrator is the management component for the other components in a system. File Administrator provides administration and monitoring tools. It supports data migration and replication, and acts as a quorum device in a cluster configuration. Although integral to the system, the File Administrator does not move data between the network client and the servers.

In clustered systems, the File Administrator provides the management functionality. In some cases, multiple File Administrator are advisable. For the File 34 and File 38 models, the legacy NAS Manager and File Administrator are supported.

Storage systems A Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One File system can control several storage enclosures. The maximum number of storage enclosures in a rack depends on the model of storage enclosures being installed. Refer to the Storage Subsystem Administration Guide for more information on supported storage systems or the Product Compatibility Guide :
Fibre Channel (FC) switches

The File 34 or File 38 system supports FC switches that connect multiple servers and storage systems.

See Hitachi Vantara Support Connect for information about which FC switches are supported.

External 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet switch

All cluster configurations require an external Ethernet switch for client IO communication.

The server connects to a 10/25 GbE switch for connection with the public data network (customer data network). These switches are almost always part of the existing customer infrastructure and there is no compatibility matrix for this connectivity.

Also, a 10/25 GbE switch is required for internal cluster communications (ICC) for clusters of three or more nodes. Hitachi Vantara requires dual 10/25 GbE switches for redundancy. In a dual-switch configuration, if one switch fails, the cluster nodes remain connected through the second switch.

See Hitachi Vantara Support Connect for information about the 10/25 GbE switches that have been qualified for use with the system, and to find out about the availability of those switches.