RS-232 serial management port

Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

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The server has one RS-232 connection port, located on the rear panel of the server. This serial port is intended to be used during system setup or maintenance, and is not intended as a customer management connection. The primary management interface to the server is through File Administrator or through server's command line interface (CLI), which can be accessed through the network.

The server serial connection can be used in certain instances to access to the CLI to perform management and configuration functions by maintenance personnel. Connect a workstation using puTTy to the serial port on the rear panel of the server, then set the host settings to the values shown in the following table to ensure proper communication between the workstation and the server.

Table. Host setting values
Terminal Requirement
Connection Crossover (null modem) cable
Emulation VT100
Baud rate 115,200 Bps
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1
Parity None
Flow control None

Once the initial setup has been completed, disconnect the serial cable. If you need to manage the server through a serial connection, connect to the server’s System Administrator and use SSH to access the server's CLI.

To monitor the boot cycle of a server:
  1. Establish a serial connection using SSH software (puTTY).
  2. Login as root.
  3. Type screen -R. After a period of time the sceen shows the boot sequence.
  4. To exit screen -R, press <Ctrl+a(then d)>.