10/25 gigabit ethernet customer data network ports

Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

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See the Network Administration Guide for more information on creating aggregations.

There are eight 10/25 GbE ports that use enhanced small form factor pluggable (SFP28) optical connectors, shown as follows:
Figure. 10/25 gigabit ethernet customer data network ports
Note: Ports 1-6 are 10/25GbE capable, while ports 7 & 8 are 25GbE only. In a future update, ports 1-4 and 5-8 will have the ability to be placed in 100GbE mode when connecting to a 100GbE switch port (the actual ports will still be 25GbE).
The ports may need to be configured to be compatible with the network switch that they are attached to using the command ethernet-link-config under the following circumstances:
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC). When using the host ports at 25GbE, the ports may need to have compatible Forward Error Correction (FEC) configured on each port of the network switch. As a last resort, FEC may need to be disabled both at the VSP One File server and switch port.
  • 10GbE speed. If the network switch only supports 10GbE, the speed will need to be configured accordingly in the VSP One File server using the ethernet-link-config command.

    The command syntax to configure the VSP One File ports is: ethernet-link-config [--interface <name> | --file | --cluster] [--default | [--speed <Gbps>] [--[no-]fec]]

    Please see the CLI man page, ethernet-link-config for more details.

Once connected, each 10/25 GbE port has two indicator LEDs; one green and one amber. These LEDs provide link and network activity status information as follows:

Table. Status/activity description
Status/Activity (per port) Meaning
Status Green (solid) 25 Gbps link present.
Amber (solid) 10 Gbps link present.
Green/Amber off No link.
Activity Amber (flashing) 10/25 Gbps link activity