Virtual Storage Platform One File 34 and File 38 Hardware Reference

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The server features dual hot-swappable fan assemblies. The fans provide for front-to-back airflow to be consistent with other storage system components.

The server’s cooling airflow enables the system to operate in an ambient temperature range of 10°C to 35°C when mounted in a rack or cabinet with associated components required to make up a storage system. The storage system administrator is responsible for ensuring that the ambient temperature within the rack does not exceed the 35°C operating limit.

The server continues to operate following the failure of a single fan and during the temporary removal of a fan for replacement. Replace a failed fan as soon as possible.

If a fan has failed, replace the fan as soon as possible to reduce the amount of time the server is operating with reduced airflow.

The fans are contained within two assemblies, each containing a single variable-speed fan. Fan assemblies are located behind the front bezel. Each fan assembly is secured to the chassis with two thumbscrews and a blind-mate electrical connector; no tools are required to remove or install a fan assembly.

Two fan status LEDs provide fan status information. These LEDs are located behind the bezel on the right side of the chassis.

Table. Fans and fan status LEDs
Item Description
1 Fan 1 (left)
2 Fan 2 (right)
3 Fan 1 status LED
4 Fan 2 status LED