Powering off the storage system

Virtual Storage Platform F350, F370 Hardware Reference Guide

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Use the following procedure to power off the storage system. The main switch on the controller chassis is used to power off the storage system.

  • Ensure that all software-specific shutdown procedures have been completed. Refer to the applicable user manuals for details.
  • Ensure that all I/O activity to the storage system has stopped. You can vary paths offline and shut down the attached hosts.
  1. Press the main switch on the controller chassis for approximately three seconds until the POWER LED on the front of the chassis changes from solid green to a blinking status.
  2. Release the main switch and the POWER LED returns to solid green after blinking for approximately three seconds.
    The power-off process begins. The process takes approximately 18 minutes or longer depending on the amount of data that needs to be written. The POWER LED is solid green during the powering off process. The POWER LED changes from green to amber when the process is completed.
  3. Verify the POWER LED on the front of the storage system changes from green to amber.
  4. To stop the power supply, remove the power cables from the power supply units on the controller chassis and drive box.
    If the storage system is connected to a PDU, you can stop the power supply by turning off the PDU breaker.
    Note: If the storage system does not receive power for more than six months, the battery can become discharged and possibly damaged. To avoid this situation, charge the battery for more than three hours at least once every six months.