Electrical specifications

Virtual Storage Platform G350, G370 Hardware Reference Guide

Part Number

The electrical input power specifications for the storage systems are described in the following table.



Drive tray

Input voltage (operable voltage range) (V)

AC 100-120/200-240 +6%/-11%

SFF, LFF, and dense intermix drive tray: AC 200-240 +6%/-11%

Frequency (Hz) 50/60 ±1
Number of phases, cabling Single-phase with protective grounding
Steady-state current 100V/200V1, 2

CBSS: 4.0x2/2.0x2

CBSL: 4.0x2/2.0x2

SFF drive tray: 2.4x2/1.2x2

LFF drive tray: 1.9x2/1.0x2

Dense intermix drive tray: -/3.0x2

Current rating of breaker/fuse (A) 16.0 (each electrical)
Heat value (normal) (kJ/h)

CBSS: 1800 or less

CBSL: 1550 or less

SFF drive tray: 1120 or less

LFF drive tray: 940 or less

Dense intermix drive tray: 3460 or less

Steady-state power (VA/W)3

CBSS: 800/760 or less

CBSL: 800/760 or less

SFF drive tray: 480/460 or less

LFF drive tray: 380/350 or less

Dense intermix drive tray: 1200/1160 or less

Power consumption (VA/W)

CBSS: 520/500 or less

CBSL: 450/430 or less

SFF drive tray: 320/310 or less

LFF drive tray: 280/260 or less

Dense intermix drive tray: 1000/960 or less

  1. The power current of Nx2 described in this table is required for a single power unit.
  2. If one power unit fails, another power unit requires electric current for the two power units. Therefore, plan the power supply facility so that the current-carrying capacity for one power unit can provide the total capacity for two power units.
  3. This table shows the power requirement (100 V or 200 V) for the maximum configuration . The actual required power might exceed the value shown in the table when the tolerance is included.