Battery unit

Virtual Storage Platform G350, G370 Hardware Reference Guide

Part Number

Battery lifetime

The battery life time is affected by the battery temperature. The battery temperature changes depending on the intake temperature and height of the storage system, the configuration, operation of the controller boards and drives, charge-discharge count and others. The battery lifetime will be three to five years.


Use the storage system in a place where the ambient temperature is 86°F (30°C) or less on average.

Periodic parts replacement is required. If you have a maintenance service contract, parts are replaced periodically according to the terms of the contract.

Note: The battery protects the data in the cache memory in an emergency, such as a sudden power failure. In these cases, follow the normal power down procedure. If not, the battery might reach its lifespan earlier than expected and become unusable within three years. When replacing the battery, follow the given procedure for disposing a used battery.

Replacement period

The battery lifetime (intake temperature is 30 degrees C or less.) in the standard environment is as shown below.

Storage System Intake Temperature



Up to 24 degrees Celsius

5 years

5 years

Up to 30 degrees Celsius

5 years

4 years

Up to 34 degrees Celsius

4 years

3 years

Up to 40 degrees Celsius

3 years

2 years