Step 2: Install the storage system into a rack

Storage system installation (without SVP)

Part Number

Mount the controller into the Hitachi Universal V2 rack or into a 4-post EIA 310-D compliant 19-inch rack with square mounting holes and rear-facing power distribution units (PDUs).

Note: Hitachi Vantara provides rail kits (part number A34V-600-850-UNI-S) for mounting the storage system controller into third-party racks. Mounting rails are shipped in a separate box. The left rail has the letter L cut into the sheet metal, as shown in the following figure. The right mounting rail has no similar marking. The kit includes more screws than are required for securing the rails to the rack.

The following instructions describe how to install the controller into a Hitachi Universal V2 rack. For information about installing the controller in a third-party rack, see the documentation for that rack.

Warning: Due to the heavy weight of the controller, use a mechanical lift or at least three people to lift and mount the controller in the rack.
  • Make sure you have a 19-inch rack that is secure and cannot fall over.
  • Make sure the rack has one or more PDUs installed.
  • Verify that all power cables are removed from the AC power receptacles on the rear of the controller.
  • Install the rack stabilizers before mounting the storage system in the rack.
  1. Loosen the four adjustment screws, if needed, so that the rail halves can be adjusted freely to fit between the front and rear vertical rack posts.

  2. Facing the front of the rack, find an empty 2U location where you will install the controller.
  3. Place the left mounting rail as shown in the following figure, and then use two flathead screws to secure the rails to the front vertical post on the rack.

    Note: The flathead screws are M5x10 (PZ-2), where PZ-2 refers to the size and type of the Philips head.

  4. Slide the length of the left mounting rail to fit the length of the rack.

  5. Use two flathead screws to secure the rails to the rear vertical post on the rack.

  6. Tighten the four screws on the left mounting rail.

  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 to attach and secure the right mounting rail to the right side of the rack.
  8. Position the controller so the front faces the front of the rack, and then slide the controller gently onto the rails. Stop sliding when the mounting flanges on the front of the controller touch the vertical face of the rack.