Fibre Channel cables

Virtual Storage Platform F350, F370 Hardware Reference Guide

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The storage system supports Fiber Channel connections to hosts. For details about configuring FC host connections, see the Provisioning Guide.
Note: Due to high-speed serial data transfer via Fibre Channel, use high-quality FC cables that comply with the Fibre Channel-PH standard.

The following figure shows FC direct connection and FC connection through a switch.

The following table lists the data transfer rates and provides the maximum cable lengths.

Data transfer rate

Maximum length of cable

Multimode cable

Single mode cable




2 Gbps 984.25 ft (300 m) 1640.4 ft (500 m) 3280.8 ft (10 km)
4 Gbps 493 ft (150 m) 1246.72 ft (380 m) 1312.3 ft (400 m)
8 Gbps 164.04 ft (50 m) 493 ft (150 m) 623.36 ft (190 m)
16 Gbps 114.8 ft (35 m) 328.08 ft (100 m) 410.1 ft (125 m)
32 Gbps 65.62 ft (20 m) 229.7 ft (70 m) 328.08 ft (100 m)
The following table lists specifications of the Fibre Channel interface cable.

Cable type


Cable mode name




One side

Other side

LC-LC cable (shortwave) Optical Equivalent to DXLC-2P-PC-xxM-GC50, 125-2SR (OMx) 50, 125 μm, 62.5, 125 μm Multimode

Wavelength: 850 nm

LC connector LC connector

LC-LC cable (longwave)

DXLC-2PS-SPC-xxM-SMC 10/125-2SR 9/125 μm Singlemode

Wavelength: 1300 nm

The following figure shows the connector used for optical interfaces.

The following figure shows the type of optical connector that connects the storage system Fibre Channel ports.
  • LC connector type
  • Connector type LC duplex receptacle connector
  • Interval 6.25 mm flat type, two rows