Site preparation checklist

Site Preparation Guide for VSP G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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Verify the availability of each item in the site preparation checklist.

The following tasks might require several weeks to complete:
  • Acquiring required power outlets.
  • Arranging for an electrician.
  • Adding or modifying air conditioning systems.
  • Making room alterations to accommodate the storage system.
  • Ordering third-party equipment, such as non-Hitachi racks, network switches, and host computers to support the Hitachi VSP storage system.

Checklist questions



Is the computer room free of any equipment servicing hazards, such as electrical or data cables that obstruct access?
Does the computer room have a fire-protection system?
Computer room space planning
Does the existing floor plan need to be revised to include the storage system?
Does the floor plan include the clearance required for the floor's load rating?
Does the floor plan include adequate space for airflow and servicing needs?
Computer room infrastructure
Is the computer room structurally complete (walls, floor, air conditioning system, and so on)?
If there is a raised floor, is the floor adequate for the equipment load?
Is antistatic flooring or mats installed?
Are there cutouts or channels to route cables?
Does the room have access to the storage and IP networks?
Can the temperature be maintained between 50° to 104°F (10° to 40°C)?
Can the humidity level be maintained between 8% and 80%?
Is the computer room protected against dust, pollution, and metallic particulate contamination?
Does the computer room take into account environmental considerations, such as vibration and acoustics?
Is all equipment not supplied by Hitachi (for example, connectors, receptacles, and network switches) on site and ready for use?
Computer room electrical requirements
Is there a sufficient number of AC outlets for the equipment?
Are the AC outlets on different lines?
Does the input voltage correspond to the PDU rack specifications?
Are the input circuit breakers adequate for equipment loads?
Are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in place?
Have all sources of electrical interferences been addressed?
Site access and security
Does the site enforce access controls (for example, will Hitachi representatives need an escort)?
Are all floors, stairs, elevators, ramps, or ladders adequate to support the size and weight of the storage system?
Will the equipment fit through all doors and corridors and in elevators?
If the site has a loading dock, enter the maximum access height: _____inches or m.