Space requirements

Site Preparation Guide for VSP G/F350, G/F370, G/F700, G/F900

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Be sure your site has sufficient space to accommodate the storage system.

When preparing the space required for your storage system, be sure the site:
  • Is large enough to hold the new storage system and other equipment.
  • Provides minimum clearance around the storage system for service access and to verify proper weight distribution on the computer room floor.
  • Includes correctly positioned floor cutouts for the storage system's power and data cables.
To verify there is sufficient space for the storage system, document your site's floor plan, including the locations of:
  • Structural support columns and other immovable objects
  • Walls
  • All existing equipment, cabinets, racks, networking equipment, and other systems
  • Where the new storage system will be installed
  • Floor and electrical cutouts
  • Interconnecting cables and power cords, including lengths
  • Floor vents
The space requirements must take into consideration the total floor clearance required for the storage system. This includes:
  • The space required by the equipment
  • Service clearance - the floor space required to access the storage system.
  • Additional space required to distribute the equipment weight on your computer room's raised floor. The amount of additional space required depends on your floor load rating.
  • Additional space required to view the storage system LEDs on the front and rear panels.