About Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G130

Virtual Storage Platform G130 Hardware Reference Guide

Part Number

The VSP G130 is comprised of a controller chassis and drive trays. The controller chassis is equipped with a controller board, fans, dual power supply units, and drive bay for small form-factor (SFF) or large form-factor (LFF) SAS disk drives. The controller board is embedded with Fibre Channel interface, cache flash memory (CFM), and battery backup modules.

The storage system supports small form-factor (DBS) and large form-factor (DBL) drive trays. Both drive trays are equipped with an I/O module (ENC) and redundant power supplies with integrated cooling fans. The DBS tray supports SFF SAS disk drives. The DBL tray supports LFF SAS disk drives.


  • Modular and versatile system configurations
  • High reliability and strong performance
  • Simple management of array
  • Easily expandable storage capacity

Scalability and versatility

  • One dual controller chassis with on-board SFF or LFF SAS disk drives
  • Host interfaces: 16-Gbps FC
  • One or more optional drive trays (up to three DBS drive trays or seven DBL drive trays)
  • Optional service processor (SVP)