Running the Initial Startup wizard

Virtual Storage Platform G130 (with SVP) Installation Guide

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The Initial Startup wizard allows you to enter the account settings and the IPv4 or IPv6 network settings used by the storage system. If you need to change these settings in the future, run the Initial Startup wizard again.

Have the following configuration settings ready to enter in the Initial Startup wizard:
  • The default storage system password: raid-maintenance
  • The IP addresses for the two controllers and the SVP
  • The subnet mask (IPv4) or subnet prefix length (IPv6) for the storage system
  • The default gateway for the storage system
  • The IP addresses for up to three DNS servers
  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click the Start button, and then click Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator.
  2. Right-click Initial Startup, point to More, and then click Open file location.
  3. In the window that appears, right-click Initial Startup, and then click Run as administrator.

  4. When prompted about allowing this app to make changes to your device, click Yes.
  5. Click Start Setup.

  6. At the Checking Environment window, click OK, and then wait for the Initial Startup wizard to check the environment (approximately 1 minute).

  7. Specify the IPv4 or IPv6 configuration settings for the production network to which the storage system will be connected by entering the information described in the following table.

    Setting Description
    Default Account (maintenance)
    New Password New default account (maintenance) password.

    Important: Record the new password and keep it in a safe place. You will need it later in this procedure and if maintenance is required for your storage system.

    Re-enter New Password Same password that you typed in New Password.
    Network Setting
    Storage System Address IP address of the production network to which the storage system will be connected. Defaults:
    • CTL1:
    • CTL2:
    SVP Address IP address used to access the SVP via your production network. Default:
    Subnet Mask IPv4 only. IP address mask that identifies the range of IP addresses in the subnet to which the storage system will be connected.
    Subnet Prefix Length IPv6 only. Subnet prefix length of the network to which the storage system will be connected.
    Default Gateway IP address of the default gateway to which the storage system will be connected. The gateway is the IP address of the router used to communicate outside the local subnet.
    DNS Server 1

    DNS Server 2

    DNS Server 3

    IP addresses for up to three Domain Name Systems (DNS) servers.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Wait for the Initial Startup Complete message, and then click Close.
    Note: If an error message appears, ping the IP addresses of the two controllers and SVP. If you receive a response, repeat the Initial Startup. If you do not receive a response, contact customer support.

  10. In the Complete Initial Startup window, click Confirm.

  11. Wait for the SVP to reboot (approximately 5 minutes).
  12. Connect the LAN 1 port on the SVP to your production network.
    Note: If your network has BPDU enabled to prevent loops, connect the user LAN port on controller 1 to an Ethernet switch on the production network instead of attaching it to the SVP. Then refer to the SVP installation and maintenance instructions for the Hitachi Vantara-supplied SVP to configure the SVP for a non-bridged operation.
  13. Using the new SVP IP address you specified in the Initial Startup wizard, log in to the SVP via Remote Desktop Connection from your production network.
  14. On the desktop, double-click the Open StorageDeviceList icon.
  15. Mouse over the Storage Device List window to highlight it, and then double-click the icon of the registered storage system.
  16. Log in to Device Manager - Storage Navigator using the new maintenance password you specified in the Initial Startup wizard, and then click Login.

Verify that licenses are installed.