Step 7: Make host connections

Virtual Storage Platform G130 (without SVP) Installation Guide

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The storage system can be ordered with Fibre Channel ports, iSCSI ports, or both port types, depending on your host and networking requirements. Before you connect hosts to the storage system, the storage system and hosts must be prepared.
Host attachment tasks include configuring ports and preparing the host hardware and software for connection to the storage system. For information and instructions, see the host attachment preparation procedures in the Open-Systems Host Attachment Guide. You will also find the following resources helpful:
  • For the latest interoperability and compatibility information about supported hosts and host attachment hardware, see the Hitachi Vantara Interoperability Reports.
  • For information about preparing your hosts, HBAs, CNAs, NICs, and iSCSI initiators for use with the storage system, see the documentation for the product.