Key features

Virtual Storage Platform E1090 Hardware Reference Guide

Part Number

High performance

  • Multiple controller configuration distributes processing across controllers
  • High-speed processing facilitated by up to 1,024 GiB of cache
  • I/O processing speed increased by NVMe flash drives
  • High-speed front-end data transfer up to 32 Gbps for FC and 10 Gbps for iSCSI
  • I/O response times as low as as low as 41 μ
  • Integrated with Hitachi Ops Center to improve IT operational efficiencies

High reliability

  • Service continuity for all main components due to redundant configuration
  • RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6 support (RAID 6 including 14D+2P)
  • Data security by transferring data to cache flash memory in case of a power outage

Scalability and versatility

  • Scalable capacity up to 25.9 PB, 287 PB (external), and 8.4M IOPS
  • Heterogeneous connectivity supporting concurrent attachment to a variety of hosts, including VMware, Linux, UNIX, and Windows