Incorrect display errors

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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The following table lists incorrect display errors and provides the probable cause and recommended action for each error condition.

Error condition Probable cause / Recommended action
A question mark or icon is displayed in a table or other area of the window.
  • When a question mark appears in the Tier Properties window, see the topic describing this window in the Provisioning Guide. If the problem persists, contact customer support.
  • When a question mark appears in the Add External Volumes window, see the topic describing this window in the Hitachi Universal Volume Manager User Guide. If the problem persists, contact customer support.
  • If a question mark or icon appears in another window, update the window. If the question mark or icon remains after you update the window, contact customer support.
The product name, vendor name, and function name displayed in HDvM - SN are incorrect.

Contact customer support.

A part of the HDvM - SN window is not displayed. You might be using the zoom-in and zoom-out function of the web browser. Do not use this web browser function when using HDvM - SN.
The display on HDvM - SN's main window is not updated to the latest information. "Last Updated" on HDvM - SN's main window is not updated. Volume Migration operations, Quick Restore operations, or Thin Image operations might be in progress. The window will be updated shortly after the operations end.
The Maintenance Utility window is not displayed.
  • Make sure that the browser uses TLS 1.2.
  • If the storage system is registered by using the host name, you need Windows setting on the SVP. Add, to the DNS suffix, the domain names of the hosts that are set for CTL1 and CTL2.
  • The IP address specified in the network settings might not be appropriate for the network environment of the storage system, or one of the following IP addresses might be specified. Report the IP address specified in the network settings to customer support.
    • Invalid value: [::]
    • Loopback address: [::1]
    • Multicast address: [FF00:: - FDFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF]
    • IPv4-mapped IPv6 address: [::FFFF:(IPv4)]
    • Link-local address: [FE80::]
    • Global unicast address: [2001::]
    • Global unicast address: [2002::]
There is an error in display of the web browser. For example:
  • Buttons in the web browser are grayed out and cannot be clicked.
  • Some items are not displayed.
Exit and then restart the browser.
When many items are set, some items might not be displayed even if you scroll through the table. Depending on the size of a window, some items in a table might not be displayed. Do the following:
  • Increase the resolution so that more areas of the table can be shown.
  • Use the zoom in or zoom out function of your browser to adjust the viewing area.

Note: Text might become too small.

If you still cannot solve the problem, contact customer support.

The Maintenance Utility window is displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer.
  • A specific window is not displayed.
  • No response if you click the button.
Set the Maintenance Utility window out of Compatibility View by first confirming "Compatibility View" in the Address bar of Internet Explorer, and then setting Compatibility View to OFF.
If "Compatibility View" is not displayed (prior to IE11):
  1. Select Tool > Compatible View Settings in Internet Explorer.
  2. Uncheck the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View and Display all websites in Compatibility View checkboxes.
  3. Click Close.
When using Maintenance Utility, the following error occurs in a web browser. Example:
  • A button in the web browser is displayed in gray and cannot be clicked.
  • Some items cannot be displayed.
Restart the web browser.
When using Maintenance Utility, the following message is displayed and the window stays frozen in the Load pending state even if the system monitor is started:

"This page cannot be opened because Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please use a supported browser."

Internet Explorer 11 is not available in GUM firmware version 93-06-81 and later. Use Microsoft Edge instead.
An error message appears while the System Monitor window is displayed, and then the monitoring stops.
  • Verify the setting indicated by the error message, take actions to solve the problem if necessary, and then retry to display the System Monitor window.
  • If the error message still appears even after taking actions, restart the GUM in the CTL displaying the System Monitor window.
The message "Unable to launch the application" appears on the secondary window, then operation ends abnormally. Perform the following:
  1. If the current JRE (Client) version is JRE 7, update to JRE 8 or later.
  2. Confirm that Use TLS 1.2 for Java is enabled. If Use TLS 1.2 is disabled, change the TLS settings for Java to enabled.
A pop-up block message appears when Microsoft Edge is used. In Microsoft Edge settings, pop-ups might be blocked. Change the settings in Microsoft Edge on the SVP to allow pop-ups.