Checking the certificate for SSL communications using Google Chrome

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

Part Number

The SVP must be running.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on the management client, and then enter the IP address of the SVP.
    If the port number of the HTTPS service on the SVP has been changed from the initial value "443", enter the following in the URL bar:
  2. Right-click in a Google Chrome window, select Inspect, and then select the Security tab.
  3. In the Security overview area, click View certificate.
    In either of the following cases, the default certificate is used.
    • The following information is displayed in the General tab, and “00dc52873fdb5cc76b” is displayed for Serial number in the Details tab:
      Issued to: Hitachi.Ltd.
      Issued by: Hitachi.Ltd.
      Valid from 18/14/2014 to 18/04/2024
    • The following information is displayed in the General tab:
      Issued to:
      Issued by:
      Valid from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY

    Note that the valid period differs depending on the SVP software version.