Actions to take when a security warning is displayed

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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The security warning below might appear during a setting operation using SSL communications. This warning differs depending on the type of web browser.

  • For Microsoft Edge:

    Click Advanced and then Continue to <IP-address-or-host-name> (unsafe).

    Example for Microsoft Edge

    security warning in Microsoft Edge

  • For Google Chrome:

    Click Advanced, and then click Proceed to <IP-address> (unsafe).

    Example for Google Chrome

    security warning in Google Chrome

  • For Internet Explorer:

    Click Continue to this website (not recommended).

    Example for Internet Explorer

    security warning in Internet Explorer

When you are using encrypted SSL communications to connect to Device Manager - Storage Navigator, the browser displays a warning message if the security certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority. This warning message also appears when the IP address or host name specified in the URL does not match the CN (Common Name) listed in the security certificate.

If this warning message starts to appear after an update of the storage management software, check to see if the SSL certificate returned to the default. If the SSL certificate has returned to the default, install the certificate file that was backed up when the storage management software was updated.