Registering management software certificates

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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To check the server reliability during SSL communication for management software external authentication, upload a public key certificate of the management software to the web server to register the certificate.
  • You must be logged into the SVP.
  • The private key file on the management software server must be current. Update it if necessary.
  • The certificate file must have a .crt extension. Rename the file if necessary.
  • The certificate must be in X509 PEM format or X509 DER format.
  1. Close all Device Manager - Storage Navigator sessions on the SVP.
  2. Open a command prompt window with administrator permissions.
  3. Move the current directory to the folder containing the SVP configuration tool (for example, C:\MAPP\wk\Supervisor\MappIniSet), and then execute the following command:
    MappHcsCrtEntry.bat absolute-path-of-signed-public-key-certificate-file

    If you are using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator, execute the same command.

    Note: A space is required between MappHcsCrtEntry.bat and the signed public key certification file path.
  4. When the completion message box appears, press any key to acknowledge the message and close the message box.
  5. Close the command prompt window.