Setting up email notifications

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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For details about the format of alert notification emails, see Alert notification email.
  • You must have the Storage Administrator (View Only) or Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration) role to perform this task.
  1. In the maintenance utility Administration pane, select Alert Notifications.
  2. To send email notices, click Enable, next to Email Notice. Click Disable to not send email notices.

  3. Click Add to add an email address to the list of registered addresses.

  4. Enter the email address and then use the pull-down menu to select the type of address: To, Cc, or Bcc.
  5. Click OK to save the email address and close the dialog box.
  6. Enter an email address in Email Address (From).
  7. Enter an email address in Email Address (Reply To:).
  8. In Mail Server Settings, select the mail server type: Identifier, IPv4, or IPv6.
  9. To use SMTP authentication, click Enable.
  10. In Account, enter an SMTP account name.
  11. In Password, enter the SMTP account password.
  12. Click Apply to save the changes and close the Set Up Alert Notifications window.
    Note: If SIMs are not transferred through email, verify the settings in the procedure. If all settings are correct, verify the settings and operating conditions of the mail server itself, and the operating conditions of the Management LAN.