Sending a test Syslog message

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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After you have configured Syslog notification for SIMs (see Configuring syslog notification for SIMs), you can send a test Syslog message to confirm that Syslog notification for SIMs has been configured correctly.
  1. Click the Syslog tab.
    The Syslog tab displays the current settings for the primary and secondary servers.
  2. Click Send Test message to the Syslog Server.
    A completion notice appears.
  3. Click OK to acknowledge the notice and close the message. Verify that the log (Detailed data: "RefCode: 7FFFFF, This is Test Report.") has been transferred to the Syslog server.
    Note: If a test Syslog message cannot be received, confirm the settings in Configuring syslog notification for SIMs and take actions by referring to Other errors.