Alert notification email

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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The following example shows an alert notification email that is sent from the storage system to the mail server.

VSP E990 Report
//HM900 //VSP //////////////////////////////
//e-Mail Report
Date : 20/04/2021
Time : 00:20:00
Machine : VSP E990(Serial# 400102)
RefCode : 7fffff
Detail: This is Test Report.

The following table describes the components of an alert notification email.

Component Item in the example Description

VSP E990 Report

product-name-of-the-storage-system Report
Additional information

//HM900 //VSP //////////////////////////////

//e-Mail Report


The information set in Setting up email notifications

Nothing appears if no information is set.

Date Date : 20/04/2021 The date when the error occurred
Time Time : 00:20:00 The time when the error occurred
Hardware identification

Machine : VSP E990 (serial# 400102)

storage-system-name-set-in-Storage-Navigator(serial# serial-number)

Failure code RefCode : 7fffff The reference code that appears in the alert window
Failure detail Detail: This is Test Report. Information of failure locations that need maintenance

Information of a maximum of eight failure locations appears.

Each information item includes the following items: action code, assumed failure part, and location.