Alert notifications overview

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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You can view alert email messages, Syslog messages, and SNMP trap messages using Device Manager - Storage Navigator or using the maintenance utility.
Check your email to view alerts sent by email. Alerts that are reported through email are the same as the SIM information that is displayed in the Alert window or reported through an SNMP trap.
Check the messages on the Syslog server to view alert information sent there.
SNMP traps
To view SNMP trap information, use SNMP Manager in Device Manager - Storage Navigator. For information about using SNMP traps, see the SNMP Agent User Guide.

The SNMP Agent is mounted on each controller (CTL). The SNMP Agent on each CTL sends traps to the SNMP Manager. When you use SNMP v3 protocol, you need to register the SNMP Engine ID for each CTL in the SNMP Manager. The SNMP Engine ID is displayed on the SNMP tab of the Alert Notifications window of the maintenance utility.

  • Storage system failure information is sent from the management port on CTL1 or CTL2 via the management LAN. If either of the CTLs stops due to a failure, failure information is sent from the management port on the normal CTL. Therefore, make sure to connect the management ports on both CTL1 and CTL2 to the management LAN. If the management port on only one CTL is connected to the management LAN, failure information might not be reported correctly.
  • If a communication failure occurs, a maximum of 256 failure information sets might not be reported. However, when the communication failure is resolved, the failure information is reported within about 5 minutes.