About resource groups

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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A storage system can connect to multiple hosts and be shared by multiple divisions in a company or by multiple companies. Many storage administrators from different organizations can access the storage system. Managing the entire storage system can become complex and difficult. Potential problems are that private data might be accessed by other users, or a volume in one organization might be accidentally destroyed by a storage administrator in another organization.

To avoid such problems, use Hitachi Resource Partition Manager software to set up resource groups that allow you to manage one storage system as multiple virtual private storage systems. The storage administrator in each resource group can access only their assigned resources. Resource groups prevent the risk of data leakage or data destruction by another storage administrator in another resource group.

The following resources can be assigned to resource groups.

  • LDEV IDs
  • Parity groups
  • External volumes
  • Ports
  • Host group IDs
  • iSCSI target IDs

Before you create LDEVs, you can reserve the desired number of LDEV IDs and assign them to a resource group for future use. You can also reserve and assign host group IDs and iSCSI target IDs in advance because the number of host groups or iSCSI targets per port is limited.


The meta_resource group is the resource group consisting of the resources that exist on the storage system (other than external volumes) before Resource Partition Manager is installed. By default, all existing resources initially belong to the meta_resource group to ensure compatibility with older software when a system is upgraded to include Resource Partition Manager.

Resource lock

When a task is being processed on a resource, all of the resource groups assigned to the logged-on user are locked for exclusive access. When a resource is locked, a status indicator appears on the Device Manager - Storage Navigator status bar. To view information about the locked resource, click Resource Locked.

Note: Opening a Device Manager - Storage Navigator secondary window (such as Basic Information Display) or performing an operation from the service processor (SVP) locks all of the resource groups in the storage system.