Software and licensed capacity

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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The following table describes the three types of licensed capacity: used capacity, mounted capacity, and unlimited capacity. The type you select depends on the software application.

If you use Dynamic Provisioning, the licensed capacity might become insufficient because the used capacity of Dynamic Provisioning pools could increase, even if you do not add any volumes. If this happens, you must purchase an additional license within 30 days to increase the capacity to match the new volume size. For instructions on calculating pool capacity, see the Provisioning Guide.
Table. Licensed capacity types
Type Description
Used capacity The licensed capacity is calculated by using one of the following capacities:
  • Normal volumes (volumes)
  • External volumes mapped to the storage system
  • Pools
Mounted capacity /usable capacity The licensed capacity is estimated by using the capacity of all the volumes in the storage system.
Unlimited capacity You can use the software regardless of the volume capacity.

The following table lists the software bundles and specifies the licensed capacity type for each bundle.

Table. Software bundle licensed capacity for VSP E series
Software bundle Licensed capacity
Base Package Used capacity or mounted capacity
Advanced Package Used capacity or mounted capacity
Remote Data Protection Used capacity or mounted capacity
Global-active device Used capacity or mounted capacity