SMI-S provider startup setting

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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You can enable or disable the SMI-S provider service by performing the SMI-S provider startup setting.
Note: To use the SMI-S function, the SMI-S provider service must be enabled. If the service is set to disable by the startup setting, the SMI-S function cannot be used because the service does not start.
The port number used for the SMI-S provider is automatically assigned when the SMI-S provider service is enabled. When you re-enable the SMI-S provider service after it was disabled, the port number that was in use before the service was disabled is not assigned, and a new port number is assigned instead. Therefore, when you re-enable the SMI-S provider service, make sure to set the newly assigned port number for the management client.
  1. Stop the SMI-S provider service on the SVP.
  2. On the SVP, open a Windows command prompt as an Administrator.
  3. Execute the following command:
    C:\Mapp\wk\Supervisor\SMI\SetServiceStartupType.bat Serial-number-of-storage-system Startup-type

    Specify enable or disable for Startup-type.

    Note: C:\MAPP indicates the installation directory of the storage management and SVP software. If a different installation directory was specified, replace C:\Mapp with the specified installation directory.
  4. When the completion message appears, press any key to continue.
  5. Close the command prompt.
    Note: The startup setting is reflected the next time the service is started in each storage system.