Using the SMI-S function on the HDvM - SN management client

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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VSP E series storage systems with a physical or virtual SVP support the SMI-S function developed by SNIA. Administrators can use the SMI-S function by using SMI-S compliant management software on the HDvM - SN management client.

Requirements for SMI-S support:
  • A physical or virtual SVP with the following SVP firmware version:
    • VSP E990: 93-02-01 or later
    • VSP E1090: 93-06-21 or later
    • VSP E590, VSP E790: 93-06-41 or later
  • TLS version 1.2
  • Valid signed SMI-S certificate

    If the SMI-S certificate is expired, upload a new signed certificate to the SMI-S provider.