Changing network communication settings

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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Use the following procedure to change the network settings on the management client for communicating with the SVP.
If you specify the IP address in IPv6 address format, do not use the following IP addresses:
  • Invalid value: [::]
  • Loopback address: [::1]
  • Multicast address: [FF00:: - FDFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF:FFFF]
  • IPv4-mapped IPv6 address: [::FFFF:(IPv4)]
  • Link-local address: [FE80::]
  • Global unicast address: [2001::]
  • Global unicast address: [2002::]
  1. In the maintenance utility, click Administration to expand the Administration navigation pane.
  2. Click Network Settings.
  3. In the Network Settings window, click Set Up Network Settings.
    The Network Settings dialog box displays the current settings for the Mac address, IPv4 and IPv6 settings, and the network connection mode for controllers 1 and 2. It also displays the current settings for the maintenance port and the storage system internal network.
  4. Change the settings as needed.
    If you set items for DNS server, register the following items to the DNS server:
    • host name: localhost
    • IP address:

      The DNS server cannot be specified by using IPv6 on maintenance utility.

    If you set the protocol to both IPv4 and IPv6 and then switch only to IPv4 or IPv6, the Network Settings window displays settings for both IPv4 and IPv6. To verify the protocol settings, click Set Up Network Settings. The selected protocol is displayed in the dialog box, and the IP address of the invalid protocol is displayed in gray.

  5. Click Apply to apply your changes.