Restoring HDvM - SN configuration files

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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You can use a backup copy of a Device Manager - Storage Navigator configuration file to restore the active configuration file if it becomes necessary, for example, to configure a replacement SVP.
When you restore a configuration file, make sure the backup file has the same SVP firmware version as the target SVP. If you use a backup file with a different version as shown in the following table, special care might be required.
SVP firmware version of the backup file SVP firmware version on the target SVP
93-02-03-xx/00 or later 93-02-02-xx/00 or earlier
If the services on the storage system do not work correctly after the restore operation with the combination of firmware versions listed in the table, you must perform either of the following operations after the restore operation is complete:
  • When a signed certificate is set: Update the signed certificate for the SSL communication between the SVP and the management client.
  • When a signed certificate is not set: Return the certificate for the SSL communication between the SVP and the management client to default.
  • The storage systems registered in the SVP you backed up must be registered in the new SVP.
  • The SVP must be configured so that the service does not start automatically when starting the system.
  1. Stop all storage services running on the SVP.
  2. Copy the backup file to any folder in the SVP.
  3. Open a command prompt window with administrator permissions.
  4. Move the current directory to the folder containing the SVP configuration tool (for example, C:\MAPP\wk\Supervisor\MappIniSet), and then execute the following command:
    MappRestore.bat absolute-path-of-backup-file
    • The backup file must be in .tgz format.
    • A space is required between MappRestore.bat and the path to the backup file.
  5. When the completion message is displayed, click any key to continue.
  6. Close the command prompt.
  7. Reassign a port number for each storage system registered in the Storage Device List.
  8. Reboot the SVP.
    It usually takes about 10 minutes to complete the startup process.