Installing Captive Bundle Application (CBA) on the SVP

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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Captive Bundle Application (CBA) is the application on the SVP that enables HDvM - SN to run with Adobe AIR from HARMAN. Before you can use HDvM - SN with AIR, you must install CBA on the SVP. If you are using one SVP to manage multiple storage systems, you must install CBA for each storage system.

  • You must have the serial number of the storage system. The serial number is displayed in S/N in the Storage Device List window on the SVP.
  1. Close all HDvM - SN sessions connected to the storage system for which you are installing CBA.
  2. Log in to the SVP.
  3. Open a command prompt on the SVP with administrator permissions.
  4. Move the current directory to the folder containing the MappCbaUpload.bat batch file (for example, C:\MAPP\wk\Supervisor\MappIniSet).
  5. Run the batch file specifying the storage system serial number and the CBA file (with absolute path) as arguments as follows:
    MappCbaUpload.bat serial-number CBA-file
    For example:
    MappCbaUpload.bat 400102 C:\temp\CBA-file-name
  6. When the completion message is displayed, press any key to exit the processing.
  7. Close the command prompt window.
After installing Captive Bundle Application (CBA) on the SVP, you need to install Storage Device Launcher on the management client. For instructions, see Installing Storage Device Launcher on the management client.