Disabling use of Flash Player with HDvM - SN

System Administrator Guide for Virtual Storage Platform E Series

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If desired, you can disable use of Flash Player with HDvM - SN after you start using HDvM - SN with Adobe AIR.

The default setting (Enabled or Disabled) for use of Flash Player with HDvM - SN depends on the storage system model:

  • VSP E1090: Disabled
  • VSP E590, VSP E790, VSP E990: Enabled

Use the following procedure to disable use of Flash Player with HDvM - SN. When multiple storage systems are managed by using one SVP, you must disable use of Flash Player for each storage system.

  1. Close all HDvM - SN sessions connected to the storage system on which this operation is performed.
  2. Log in to the SVP.
  3. Open a command prompt on the SVP with administrator permissions.
  4. Move the current directory to the folder containing the MappFlashDisable.bat batch file (for example, C:\MAPP\wk\Supervisor\MappIniSet), and then run the batch file specifying the storage system serial number* as the argument. For example:
    MappFlashDisable.bat 400102

    * The storage system serial number is displayed in S/N in the Storage Device List window on the SVP.

  5. When the completion message appears, press any key to continue the processing.
  6. Close the command prompt window.