Step 2: Install the storage systemcontroller into the rack

Virtual Storage System E590, E790 Installation Guide

Part Number

Mount the controller into the Hitachi Universal Rack or into a 4-post EIA 310-D compliant 19-inch rack with square mounting holes and rear-facing power distribution units (PDUs).

For information about installing the controller in a third-party rack, see the documentation for that rack.

Note: The rail kit comes with pins that will fit racks with square or circular shaped holes. Use the correct pin type for your rack.

Number Item
1 Pin for square holes
2 Pin for round holes
  • Make sure the rack is secure and cannot fall over.
  • Make sure the rack has one or more PDUs installed.
  • Verify that all power cables are removed from the AC power receptacles on the rear of the controller.
  • Install the rack stabilizers before mounting the storage system in the rack.
  1. Attach stopper with three screws on the rear side of the rail. Repeat step for both rails.

    Number Item
    1 Stopper
    2 Screws
    3 Rail
  2. Insert pins on the front and back of the rail into the holes on the front and back of the rack and hold in place using the rail clips. Repeat step for both sides.
  3. Install the rear side of the rail with a washer and binding screw. Repeat step for both sides.

    Number Item
    1 Pin
    2 Clip
    3 Washer and bind screw
  4. Position the controller so the front faces the front of the rack, and then slide the controller gently onto the rails. Stop sliding when the mounting flanges on the front of the controller touch the vertical face of the rack.
    Note: Check the rear of the controller chassis to be sure the chassis is fit securely into the stoppers.

    Number Item
    1 Stopper
  5. On the front of the controller chassis, attach the two bind screws and washers to each side of the rack.

    Number Item
    1 Bind screws