Electrical specifications

Virtual Storage Platform E590 and E790 Hardware Reference Guide

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The VSP E590 and VSP E790 run on single-phase AC power. The AC power input power for the storage systems is duplexed across the PDUs, enabling the equipment installed in the rack to remain powered on if power is removed from one of the two power distribution panels.

The following tables provide the electrical specifications for the VSP E590 and VSP E790 storage systems, including input power and input voltage and frequency requirements.

Table. Input power specifications
Item Component Specification
Rated power Controller 1,960 V
Input power1 Controller Single-phase AC

50 Hz/60 Hz

200 V to 240 V

Input current1,2 Controller

9.8 A

Steady current3 Controller

4.9 A

Leakage current Controller 1.75 mA
Inrush current Controller

1st (0-p): 30 A

2nd (0-p): 20 A

1st (0-p) time: 25 ms

Power cord plug type Controller IEC60320 C14

  1. When planning the air-conditioning equipment and power-supply system, use the multiplied value of [Input Power] × [Input Current].
  2. The maximum current of AC input is not a redundant configuration.
  3. The maximum current of AC input is a redundant configuration.
Table. Input voltage and input frequency requirements
Frequency Input Voltage (AC) Conditions Tolerance (%)
60 Hz ±2 Hz 200 V to 240 V 1 phase

2 wire + ground

+10% or -11%
50 Hz ±3 Hz 200 V to 240 V 1 phase

2 wire + ground

+10% or -11%