Installing anti-tilt bracket for Universal V3 Rack

Virtual Storage Platform E590 and E790 Hardware Reference Guide

Part Number

The anti-tilt bracket for the Hitachi Universal V3 Rack must be anchored to a rigid floor capable of holding a minimum of 79 kg (154 lbs).

To install the anti-tilt bracket, use the following tools and components.
  • T25 screwdriver
  • Customer-supplied M10 or 3/8-inch screw capable of holding a minumum 79 kg (154 lbs)
  1. Adjust the four retractable feet so the rack is level with the floor.
  2. Attach two anti-tilt brackets to the feet on the back of the rack.
  3. Using a minimum size of an M10 or 3/8-inch screw, fasten the bracket to the floor.