Virtual Storage Platform E590 and E790 Hardware Reference Guide

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The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform VSP E590 and VSP E790 storage systems are high-performance, large-capacity data storage systems. The VSP E590 and VSP E790 all-flash arrays (AFAs) support NVMe and SAS solid-state drives (SSDs). The VSP E590H and VSP E790H hybrid models can be configured with both SSDs and hard disk drives (HDDs).

  • The NVMe flash architecture delivers consistent, low-microsecond latency, which reduces the transaction costs of latency-critical applications and delivers predictable performance to optimize storage resources.
  • The hybrid architecture allows for greater scalability and provides data-in-place migration support.

The VSP E590 and VSP E790 storage systems consist of a controller chassis, one or more drive boxes for hybrid models, and internal components such as fans and PCIe switches.