10-Gbps iSCSI board LEDs and connectors (copper)

Virtual Storage Platform E590 and E790 Hardware Reference Guide

Part Number

Number Item Description
1 STATUS LED Green: Front-end module is in the power-on state.

Red: Front-end module can be removed safely.

2 iSCSI connectors Connect to Ethernet cables.
3 PORT (Link/Speed) LED Yellow: 1-Gbps link.

Green: 10-Gbps link.

Off: No link connection.

4 PORT (Act) LED Green: Link connection is established.

Blinking: Communication is in progress.

Off: No link connection or not ready to communicate.

Table. Port assignments
CHB number Port 1 Port 2
CHB-1A 1A 3A
CHB-1B 1B 3B
CHB-1C 1C 3C
CHB-2A 2A 4A
CHB-2B 2B 4B
CHB-2C 2C 4C