[PROV] Edit DRU Attribute

Audit Log User Guide for VSP E Series

Part Number

Detailed Information




The LDKC, CU, and LDEV numbers of the logical volume where the attribute is set


The set attribute in hexadecimal. Each bit (0–7) of 1 byte corresponds to the setting item. 1 is assigned to each bit when the setting is enabled and 0 (zero) is assigned to each bit when the setting is disabled. Each bit represents the following attributes:

  • Bit 0: Mounting of LDEV (fixed to 1)
  • Bit 1: Setting of S-VOL Disable
  • Bit 2: Setting of Zero Read Cap mode
  • Bit 3: Setting of Invisible mode
  • Bit 4: Setting of reserve
  • Bit 5: Fixed to 0 (zero)*
  • Bit 6: Setting of Read Only attribute*
  • Bit 7: Setting of Protect attribute*

When 0x88 is output to the attribute, for example, Read/Write attribute is set to the logical volume to show that the reserve setting has been enabled.

A hyphen (-) is output when a setting is not changed.


The number of days set in Retention Term.

A hyphen (-) is output when setting is not changed.


The result of operation

Normal end: Normal end,

Error(xxxx-yyyyy): Abnormal end

where xxxx: Part code, yyyyy: Error code

Num. of LDEVs

The number of logical volumes where the attribute has been set

*When bit 5, 6, and 7 are all 0 (zero), Read/Write has been set.


RMI AP,,[PROV],Edit DRU Attribute,,Normal end,Seq.=xxxxxxxxxx
=[{0x00:0x00:0x01,0x80,100,Normal end},
{0x00:0x00:0x03,0x81,200,Normal end},
{0x00:0x00:0x03,0x81,xxxx,Normal end}],
Num. of LDEVs=XXX