Transferring audit logs to syslog servers

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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Using maintenance utility, configure the necessary settings, such as the syslog server's address and location identifier. After you configure these settings, send a test message to confirm your settings.

A Syslog server must be installed in the management LAN.

  1. Log in to the maintenance utility.
  2. Click Administration > Audit Log Settings.
  3. Click Set up Syslog Server in the Audit Log Settings window.

    Specify the Transfer Protocol, Primary Server, Secondary Server, Location Identification Name, Retry, Retry Interval, and Output Detailed Information, then click Apply.

  4. A completion message appears. Click OK.
  5. To confirm the settings, send a test message.
    1. Click Send Test Message to Syslog Server in the Audit Log Settings window.
    2. The message window opens. Click OK to close the window.
    3. Log in to the syslog server.
    4. Make sure that the syslog server receives the test message shown below.
      The following values will be set for function name and operation name:
      • Function name : AuditLog
      • Operation name : Send Test Message

      If the syslog server does not receive the test message, check the following items.

      • Syslog settings
      • Operating status and configuration of the syslog server
      • Operating status of the management LAN