Exporting audit log files stored in the storage system

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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You can export audit logs from either the controller or the GUM located on the controller.

The storage system has two controllers, so to get audit logs for the complete system, you must log-in to the maintenance utility on each controller to export the audit log individually.

You must have the Audit Log Administrator (View Only) role to perform this task.

  1. In the maintenance utility under Administration menu, select Audit Log Settings.
  2. Click Export Audit Log in the Audit Log Settings window to select GUM or DKC.
  3. Click OK.
    Note: If the certificate is not valid during an HTTPS connection, the security warning message is displayed. Make sure to take the following actions within 30 seconds. The audit logs cannot be exported after 30 seconds. Go back to step 2.
    • Microsoft Edge: Click Advanced and then Continue to <IP-address-or-host-name> (unsafe).
    • Google Chrome: Click Advanced, and then click Proceed to <IP-address> (unsafe).
    • Internet Explorer: Click Continue to this website (not recommended).
  4. Save the file to the folder containing audit logs.
    Note: If you change the location identification name of a syslog server, the location identification name on new audit logs could be changed retroactively.
    Note: If you change the UTC time zone setting of the storage system, the times recorded on new audit logs could be changed retroactively.