User accounts and permissions

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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You can set up a user account for using Storage Advisor Embedded and managing a storage system.

User operating permissions are set based on the role assigned to the user group to which the user belongs.

To use Storage Advisor Embedded to manage a storage system, you must register the user in the Administrator user group (a built-in user group).

You must register the user in the Maintenance user group (a built-in user group) in addition to the Administrator user group to complete the following tasks:

  • Specifying settings related to configuring drives (In the navigation bar, click Others > Drive Settings.)
  • Using the maintenance utility for checking storage system alerts.

Regardless of which tool you use to create a user account, such as creating the account by using the storage system REST API, the account can be used in Storage Advisor Embedded if it is registered in a user group to which all of the following roles are assigned:

  • Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration)
  • Storage Administrator (System Resource Management)
  • Storage Administrator (Provisioning)
  • Storage Administrator (Local Copy)
  • Storage Administrator (Remote Copy)
  • Security Administrator (View & Modify)
  • User Maintenance

    The user Maintenance role is also required only when you are specifying settings related to drives or checking the maintenance utility for alert information.