Workflow for creating backup data using snapshots

Storage Advisor Embedded User Guide

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To create backup data, you can add a snapshot of a volume. Snapshots are images of volumes at a specific point in time. Differential data from the original volume is stored in the pool when you create a snapshot. This section describes the workflows for creating a snapshot and restoring data.

You can schedule snapshot creation by using the REST API. You can also manually create a snapshot by using the web-based user interface.

When using the REST API:
You can use the following REST APIs to automate these tasks:
  • Creating a snapshot
  • Getting snapshot information
  • Getting information about a specific snapshot
  • Restoring a snapshot

If you use the web-based user interface, the creation date and time for a snapshot is displayed based on the time zone set for the management client system. If you use the REST API, the data and time are returned based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).